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Website Planning

It’s What FRIBES Does. Every Day.

Everything about your website has to be right.

Is it easy on the eyes?

Is it easy to navigate?

Is the most desired action (MDA) clear?

Is the navigation unambiguous and always in the same place?

Can visitors “start over” with a click?

The design of a website is part science, part art, and all about experience. Your website has to be understandable to search engine spiders that crawl your site regularly.

That website also has to be clear, engaging, helpful, eye-catching, and describe benefits of choosing your business over the competition to humans. You have 6.4 seconds to convince a site visitor that your website is worthy of more exploration.

And, the longer you keep visitors on site, the more likely those visitors perform the most desired action (MDA) – make a purchase, call you to discuss your company’s services, opt-in for your newsletter, or send you an email asking for a quote.

FRIBES designs, builds, refines and maintains websites for hundreds of small, mid-sized and large businesses around the globe because FRIBES does website design right.

Websites and Search Engines

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the 4,000 other search engines combing the Internet, deliver search results to users in the form of search engine results pages, or SERPs.

Search engines use complex mathematical formulas, called algorithms, to determine what a website is about, what information it contains, and how useful it is to a search engine user. The primary objective of any search engine is to deliver the most relevant search results based on the queries (keywords) entered into the search engine box by users.

Search engine algorithms are “eyes only” top secret, and best practices change frequently. Staying informed on how search engines see your website is part of the job of the FRIBES team. Your site is optimized for search today, and updated regularly as search engine algorithms change.

Your website is designed and built to be understood by search engine spiders to ensure your site is properly indexed, i.e., placed in the proper file within the search engine.

Using proven tactics, FRIBES designs your website to pull search engine spiders deeper into the site so more pages are indexed by the search engine, increasing your web presence naturally.

Regular metrics analysis identifies areas for refinement, and an audit of your existing website identifies problems that search engines want fixed. These fixes, made by the FRIBES experts, improve page rank, increase the number of indexed pages, and streamline your site for faster, more extensive crawling by search engine spiders.

Websites and People

Website visitors find your website in a number of ways: your website shows up on page one of SERPs, your website links to another website, your website URL appears in a Twitter Tweet – there are a lot of ways to drive traffic to a website, and FRIBES uses them all.

However, simply increasing site traffic isn’t enough. You may get more traffic, but site visitors who are just browsing, who aren’t targeted or motivated. You want highly-motivated, pre-qualified site traffic – people ready to engage your business.

That’s what the FRIBES team delivers – motivated, targeted traffic in the market now.

Websites must be designed for search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization – converting humans with credit cards to make a purchase, or call your company.

A well-designed website is based on:

a logical content architecture.

clear, straightforward navigation that always appears in the same place on every page of the website.

useful, well-written content that builds trust in the company, and business authority.

contact information on every page of the website – your never know when the visitor will perform the most desired action.

less hype, more useful information to cut through the sales text that appears on less-than-successful websites.

an attractive, accessible easy-to-read design so visitors aren’t fumbling for their glasses to discover the benefits of choosing your company.

a simple contact page with a strong call to action; the contact page contains all company contact information and a short body of text to encourage visitors to reach out and engage your business.

an appropriate design motif to project your company brand intuitively. Instantly.

a design that intrigues, interests or informs visitors before they “bounce” to another website; the lower your bounce rate the more online success.

It Takes a Lot of People to Build a Successful Website

Learning the “rules” of website design is a time-consuming process, and you want it done right from Day 1. That takes a lot of different professionals with different skills.

You need an expert in search engine optimization, an expert coder to create the website to the latest search engine specifications, a graphic designer, a copy writer, an online marketing expert, a website performance expert – all part of the FRIBES staff, so you get everything you need for online success in one place, with one telephone call.

Save time. Launch faster. Do it right. That’s why you want FRIBES to design, build and maintain your commercial website, whether you’re in the planning stages of a business launch, or you’re ready to go global with your online success story.

It’s FRIBES if you want it right, and simple.

What Happens If Your Website Isn’t “Right”

The consequences of a poorly constructed website are usually disastrous. The online business success rate is low, in part because entrepreneurs launch blindly, and badly.

Do it wrong, and the negative effects may include:

an extremely high bounce rate of 80%, as in eight out of 10 visitors never get past the home page.

numerous abandoned shopping carts.

visitors who have heard all the hype they ever want to hear – visitors who add to that astronomical bounce rate.

visitors who stay on site, view numerous pages, and still fail to perform the MDA.

ranking penalties from Google, Bing and Yahoo – the three most popular search engines in the universe.

being banned by a major search engine for non-compliance – the death knell for most online businesses.

lack of website and web host security, leaving sensitive customer data available to hackers, crackers, script kiddies, and other black hats; if you accept payment online, you need a secure website.

lack of trust builders to encourage the MDA.

the absence of a reason to re-visit your website; buyers may not make a purchase on their first visit, but they may on their second or third visit – if you give them a reason to come back.

low rates of client retention; repeat performers of the MDA are the foundation of business success. It’s plain, common sense that it’s easier to keep clients in place than to find new clients.

FRIBES: Starting to Get the Picture?

You have a business idea. You want to expand your existing business. You have a vision for the company.

Do it wrong, and you place stumbling blocks between your business and success. Do it right, and business success grows organically based on repeat business, an expanding service area, new product offerings, and improved client care.

FRIBES does it all to simplify business operations. Contact our team of professionals, and we start taking notes and kicking around ideas.

FRIBES even develops a free analysis of your website, or your online business model, to offer shortcut suggestions for business success.

Call today. Right now, before your head down the wrong pathway. FRIBES creates your roadmap to business success with website design and construction that works for search engine spiders and humans who use search engines – and that’s most of us.

We work with you for your company’s success. Call FRIBES now and let’s design a website that works.

A website that’s right.

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