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Web Conversion Review

FRIBES Turns Visitors Into Buyers

While search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to pulling more website traffic, the fact is that search engine spiders never buy anything. They gobble up letter strings, sort your website in the search engine index, and move on tothe next site.

Site visitors – humans – have credit cards. They have plans that need your consultation. They’re shopping, comparing prices, or developing a “short list” of potential service providers – and you want to be on that list.

The objective? Convert site visitors to buyers of your goods or services.

Despite the expanding use of the Internet as a shopping mall, conversion ratios are trending down, a clear demonstration that the effort and expenditure to increase site traffic is not money well spent if visitors don’t buy.

FRIBES Likes People

What motivated a search engine user to query using specific keywords?

Is the site visitor a prospective buyer, conducting product or service research, or comparison price shopping – three popular Internet activities?

What are the needs of the site visitor, and how does your online business meet those needs?

What are the benefits of choosing your online business over competing web-based businesses?>

FRIBES likes people. They buy things. They call your business for an appointment. They opt-in for your newsletter. They download your mobile app. People perform the action you most want them to perform. Search engine spiders NEVER perform the most desired action (MDA).

That’s why the FRIBES professionals consult with you during the discovery phase of our collaboration – to learn all there is to know about the people you want to attract to your business, and what motivates those people to choose one business over another to serve their needs.

FRIBES Converts

FRIBES designs and builds easy-to-use websites that encourage the performance of the MDA by ever-increasing numbers of site visitors.

Our copywriters understand the motives and drives of buyers – to save money, to solve problems, to improve quality of life, to secure the family’s future. Site text is written with authority, and with the assurances site visitors require to trust your company enough to take action – the most desired action.

The simpler it is to perform the most desired action, the more often the MDA is performed. Before we undertake the design, or re-design, of your website, FRIBES performs a front-to-back usability review.

How easy is it to perform the MDA?

What stumbling blocks do visitors encounter when performing the MDA?

What do site visitors do when they land on your website? How many pages do they view? Where do they go first? Second? And, where do they go when they leave your site? Visitor activity identifies aspects of website design that need to be fixed.

The FRIBES Usability Review: The Details

The FRIBES usability review identifies opportunities to increase conversion rates using simpler navigation, more focused content, easy contact, and a host of other website features, from an online chat module to a blog that can be updated daily to encourage repeat site visits.

Next, FRIBES conducts single-variant, A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of website features that create the winning combination of images, layout, and copy for your target market. Your website is “right” for prospects, leads, buyers and existing clients who perform the MDA regularly.

There’s more FRIBES does to boost conversion rates. Our team conducts a detailed customer journey analysis. Using the latest in on-site tracking tools, FRIBES records and analyzes visitor journey patterns across your website.

We identify pinch points where visitors bounce, or abandon their shopping carts. We identify areas that might confuse site visitors, and a confused visitor is usually a “gone” visitor – moving on to the next site to find what he or she is looking for.

FRIBES designs a clear path to the sales funnel, or explains not only what the MDA is, but how to perform the MDA. It’s not enough to encourage visitors to “Sign Up Today.” Tell them HOW to sign up today.

Conversion rates increase organically when the onsite experience is simple, useful, engaging, helpful and solves a problem, or meets a need, of site visitors.

Not All Site Visitors Want The Same Thing

Older buyers are looking for trust builders and assurances. They use the Internet less than their younger counterparts, they read less online, they buy less online.

Younger consumers connect to the Internet using computers, tablets, smart phones, game consoles, TVs – these are tech-smart prospects who want it “easy” when they visit any website.

FRIBES analyzes your broad base of prospects and performs a customer segmentation analysis.

The FRIBES marketing pros segment site visitors into related groups – related by age, interest, geography, buying habits, and other parameters.

Then, FRIBES gets down to business – your business – with a website, and on-going marketing and promotions, that target, with greater specificity, your business’ demographic segments.

The result? More effective use of your promotion budget. Your marketing money goes further as you enjoy higher conversion ratios across all demographic segments.

The right message, in the right format, is delivered to the right prospect, using the right technology, when you use FRIBES to grow your online business.

FRIBES Is All About Online Success – YOUR Online Success

Unlike large, online marketing groups that treat you like “just” another account, we take your business personally at FRIBES. We’re small enough to pay attention, to take the time to learn about you, your business and objectives.

However, we’re large enough, and experienced enough, to deliver results – the results you expect for your marketing and promotion efforts, whether it’s online, or on the town square, your business is our business, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Call or email FRIBES today. Talk to one of our executives about how to reach site visitors once THEY reach your website.

FRIBES not only explains, in plain English, every step we take, we seek your knowledge and input to develop a conversion optimized website that turns visitors into long-term clients.

Call today and talk to a human. That’s what FRIBES does in every website it builds.

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