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Online Marketing Strategy

FRIBES:Online Success Strategies – Proven

You have business goals, but you don’t always know how to reach them. FRIBES does because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow smartly and quickly to a robust bottom line.

FRIBES listens. We listen to you. We listen to your company’s team. We study your market and the competition to see what they’re doing.

We learn about your goals, what steps you’ve taken in the past, and what your promotion and marketing plans are for tomorrow. Once we know your company, we work with you to develop growth strategies with a proven track record.

Strategies and tactics that drive more traffic to your website, deliver more highly-qualified leads to your site, store or office, and increase conversion ratios – converting more prospects and leads to in-place customers or clients who engage your services or purchase your products repeatedly.

These “regulars” form an ever-expanding client base that delivers baseline revenues that enable you to invest and grow your business smartly.

FRIBES Stays With You

The rules of online marketing, promotion, website development, mobile communications, and other digital endeavours change quickly. What worked last week won’t work next week as search engines tweak search algorithms, and computer users discover new ways to connect with the Internet.

Because technology is changing so rapidly, Internet use is changing, as well. Today’s tech-savvy businesses recognize that smart phone Internet access, by those under 30-years of age, is 25%. That means you could be missing one-quarter of your target market if mobi marketing isn’t in your plans.

Online Marketing Strategies

No two businesses are alike. No two businesses development strategies are alike.

At FRIBES, we toss the template and develop a strategy to meet your business needs – and if you’re not sure what those business needs are, we’ll tell you, and we’ll explain why in terms that make sense to you.

You know the industry, the company, individual strengths and limitations. You understand the motivations of your market sector, so we integrate your experience and knowledge into an individualized strategy that meets your business goals, while keeping costs properly managed.

FRIBES: Here’s What We Do and Why You Want It

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engines recognize what your website is about, sort (index) the website into the proper file folder, crawl more pages, and keep coming back as website content is updated.

The more relevant your website to search engine user queries, the higher you show up on search engine results pages, or SERPs. You want to be on page 1 of Google’s SERPs to see a jump in site traffic.

Pay per click (PPC) marketing employs programs like Google’s AdWords to present your company’s message on SERPs, and other web pages, within the context of the users search, so a Google user enters “knitting supplies ” into the search box, and your AdWords cube for knitting supplies appears in the right-hand column of the SERPs.

FRIBES manages your AdWords campaign from banner design and placement of PPC links, to the development of affiliate marketing and other PPC marketing opportunities. Nice thing about PPC? You only pay when a prospect clicks on your link, targeting interested prospects.

Local optimization grows more important as people use their digital devices to find a good place to eat, or a good health care provider.

FRIBES listens. Defines your service area based on current and anticipated parameters. Then, we optimize your website to attract local businesses and individuals interested in buying your products or services.

If you’re not looking for new clients from Zimbabwe, local search delivers people from your service region to your website, to your brick-and-mortar store, or both.

FRIBES shows you how.

Social media marketing is usually free, it’s face-to-face personal, it builds brand loyalty, and it’s an opportunity to offer incentives to prospects to use your services, or purchase your products.

Websites like Facebook, Plurk, LinkedIn and other networking hubs enable you to engage your client base and prospects quickly, easily, at low or no cost, and update daily.

Tweet throughout the day on Twitter. Your audience changes every minute. FRIBES shows you how. We even create your Tweets!

Link building is an on-going process of linking to other related websites. Search engines like linkage because it enables search engine users to further their searches if the don’t find what they’re looking for on your site.

Building links with higher page rank (PR) also increases your page rank and visibility on SERPs. Link up with parallel business to see more site traffic, increased page rank, and first-page positioning on SERPs.

Relationship management is a part of all well-considered business strategies – maintaining on-going relationships with previous buyers and clients.

Using mobile apps, texting and other mobi marketing tools, your business delivers useful information and promotional incentives to pull more repeat buyers to your website or storefront.

Your client base is the future of business success. Managing client relations is key to long-term business growth.

And that takes planning. FRIBES creates a road map to relationship management success.

Content development is also critical to Internet business success. Your site text says a lot about you.

Text should be appropriate for a variety of readers. It should focus more on benefits to buyers than how great your company is. Benefits sell. Hype doesn’t.

Content should also be updated regularly to keep site visitors coming back. An on-site blog is one way to upload new content easily, and regularly, to encourage visitors to bookmark your website.

They’ll be back.

Contact FRIBES and get something FREE. Give us a call, or drop FRIBES an email, send a text, or instant message. We’ll hear you.

Then, we’ll work with you to develop a business development plan that leads to business growth starting now!

We conduct a free site review to provide an analysis of how to improve website performance with more traffic, more qualified leads and higher conversion ratios, i.e. more people engaging your business.

Call FRIBES today and talk to an owner or senior designer to discover how to grow your business online faster, and more efficiently.

At FRIBES, we do it everyday for companies just like yours.

We’re all ears.

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