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Online Business Consulting

FRIBES Points The Way To Business Success

Growing an online business takes experience, know-how, patience, and a plan to lead the way. At FRIBES, we plan for your online business success from your first contact with us.

FRIBES Provides the Missing Pieces

You’re an authority on the topicality of your website, whether you sell products, deliver services, or represent a not-for-profit with a message that needs to be broadcast to new subscribers, donors and volunteers.

Sure, you know your subject, but you may be missing a few key pieces: an HTML or XML coder, a graphic designer, a top-notch copywriter, an authority on search engine optimization. You may be missing some “pieces” to achieve business success quickly.

You have a super-effective sales team, but an under-performing website that doesn’t close many sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, or you own an established online business, THAT’S a problem. But one we can fix for you.

FRIBES has ALL the pieces to achieve success online, and the experience and expertise to plan for online business success with detailed, careful business consultation.

You always start off on the right foot when you start off with FRIBES.

FRIBES shows you how to reach your online business goals with less start-up time, and a bottom line that’s growing faster than you imagined possible.

There are SEOs, web designers, copywriters, coders, marketing pros, and more experts involved in online business success. When you contact FRIBES, you get the expertise, and the information you require to reach true business success online.

FRIBES Hates Templates

At FRIBES, we don’t use template website designs. They lack flexibility, they don’t sync-up easily with plug-in modules (like a shopping cart), and your website tends to look like every other website on the Internet.

At FRIBES, your website is designed, built and promoted to meet your target demographic’s needs, AND your business objectives.

The FRIBES team works with you to make the right decisions for your buyers, your products, or your services.

FRIBES Won’t Waste Your Time or Your Business Capital

During the discovery phase, FRIBES learns all about you, your business and your objectives. We recognize and respect your expertise and authority, so we don’t waste your time, or critical business capital, with consultation on topics you know.

In fact, we listen to your authority. You understand your business model, your target market and your expectations – areas in which you don’t need advice. You tell US.

Then, FRIBES conducts an analysis of your business plan to identify revenue streams, and to create unrealized sources for additional business income. Add affiliate ads to your website and enjoy passive income each time a site visitor clicks through. Another potential source of business income.

You may know manufacturing, or retailing. FRIBES knows online business success because that’s what we deliver. The FRIBES team works together to develop, not only an effective website and marketing with impact, FRIBES helps build your business through coordination of all logistics.

FRIBES: The Plain English People

We show you why each step is important, we define the benefits of each site revision, and we deliver a stronger bottom line more quickly because FRIBES works with you on designing, and growing, that business online and off.

Every step we take is explained. It’s importance clarified in terms that you understand. We don’t use techno-babble. We’re plain English people.

FRIBES Saves Business Design Capital

Because we know Internet business, we bundle our services to save you money – money that is used for other critical business functions – like meeting payroll.

Because FRIBES delivers end-to-end services – from business consultation to on-going promotion and marketing – you don’t waste money, or time, going from one service provider to another.

At FRIBES, we’re your team, and part of our job is to save you business development capital through efficiencies of design, re-purposing content, and cutting corners without cutting client care.

FRIBES Answers All of Your Business Questions

How to do I market my online business effectively?

Through the use of proven promotional tactics that are low-cost, time-tested, and deliver a positive return on investment (ROI). FRIBES shows you how.

How do I develop a plan for online web success?

You may have a good idea, but don’t know how to bring it to market. Okay, bring it to FRIBES and we’ll take that idea, develop a business and marketing plan, build and promote your idea, and track the success of your business.

Or, we’ll work with your team of in-house authorities to execute your business plan with confidence, and at a reasonable cost.

How do I convert visitors to customers?

Offer incentives like a 10% discount, free shipping, or a free ebook download.

Keep the focus of all marketing on the needs of prospects, leads and clients.

Simplify site navigation to create a clear path to the performance of the most desired action (MDA). FRIBES knows how.

Develop a client relations management (CRM) system to track all client interactions, to track orders, and to identify potential downstream problems before they become problems. Fix what needs fixing. We’ll show you how.

Maintain a stable client base through social media, free benefits, upgrades, rush jobs at no additional cost, and other services your existing clients enjoy.

Converting site visitors to clients is an on-going process. FRIBES shows you how to keep conversion going to keep your business growing.

How do I protect client information?

Protecting sensitive client information is critical to business success. Hackers love sites with customer names, addresses, credit card numbers, PINs and other useful data.

FRIBES builds your website using the latest in malware protection, firewalls, and a detailed list of best security practices. That’s on your side of the business.

Next, we sync up your computer-based security software with that of the web host you choose. Web hosts employ redundant layers of security, from multiple virus detection applications to hard-wired firewalls. FRIBES connects this server-side security with your business computer to deliver a website that hackers will avoid.

How do I best use online space?

Internet users rarely read. They scan, most often from upper-left to lower-right.

Proper placement of critical information makes best use of your Internet “real estate.”

The use of embedded text links pulls visitors deeper into your site to discover the advantages of engaging your business. A simple navigation bar is also useful to help site visitors find the information they need.

Other tools, like bullet lists, charts, graphs and graphics deliver a great deal of information in a small space – simply and attractively, drawing the visitor’s eye to the performance of the most desired action.

FRIBES lays out your web site based on your business model, highlighting the most important aspects of engagement with your company.

How do I build a business brand?

Branding is a process based on everything from an eye-catching logo to word of mouth advertising in your service region.

Branding is a process – a process that FRIBES undertakes on your behalf. A well-branded company maintains clients, and adds to that client base because prospects and leads already “know” the company through the brand.

FRIBES: Business Consultation That Builds Business Success

Start developing your path to online business success with FRIBES free, fully-customized, business marketing plan that provides your road map to online business growth.

Once FRIBES demonstrates its value as a business development collaborator, we undertake a detailed discovery phase to learn all about your business, your company objectives, where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

We learn by reviewing competitor sites to see what’s working for the competition. We analyze your broad demographic, and segment it to more specifically target marketing messages, means and methods.

At FRIBES, we consult on Internet business development, and integration of online and real-world business to create synergies that build on each other, improving business revenues faster.

Call or email FRIBES today. No hype. No hard sell. You’ll talk to an owner, or executive, whose only objective is to learn how we can help your online business grow to profitability – and FAST!

FRIBES: Online business consultation that delivers online business success.

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