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We Fix Project Problems

You’re over-booked, overworked, under the gun, and working 80 hours a week.

Clients call at 3:00 AM from 12 time zones to the right. Your project is based on decision by committee – slow death for any media professional. You’re not getting good input as you work on the 12th revision. Overwhelming, sometimes.

Relax. You have FRIBES front and centre to cover your back. FRIBES is a full-service media agency that handles everything from website builds to brochures for the next trade show – all single sourced, one contact, one phone call away.

You want FRIBES at the top of your contacts file.

Here’s why.

FRIBES Is Flexible

Your client loves the copy, but the graphics make her dizzy. Or, he thinks the copy is flat, but loves those eye-catching graphics.

Create a to-do list, pass it off to FRIBES, and move on to the next assignment. Our menu of services enables you to outsource only those project elements that require attention and time that you just don’t have.

We can work with you from the start, or join the process in the middle of a train wreck. We’ve seen it all through the years, so we’re flexible to get it done to your specs.

FRIBES Respects Your Deadline

We’ll check off each item on your to-do list, get your approval along the way, and deliver it when you expect it – even if we have to put up another pot of coffee. We thrive on caffeine and adrenalin at FRIBES so rush jobs, needed YESTERDAY, don’t bother us one whit. We have coffee.

Our contribution to the project may require integration (time) at your end, so you need it in advance of your client’s deadline. We get it. And we hit deadlines everyday – on good days, even ahead of schedule.

Because the FRIBES crew has seen it, done it, and fixed it all, when you partner with FRIBES you get the same professionalism you deliver to your clients.

FRIBES is Stealthy

Lots of FRIBES’ clients don’t want their clients to know we’re in the mix. No problem. Everything goes from single point of contact at FRIBES directly to you.

On the other hand, we’re happy to join the mix, work directly with your client, and take away a headache you don’t have time to manage. We represent you and your company with the highest standards of professionalism, collaboration, cordiality, and a “get-it-done” attitude that keeps us working long into the night.

It’s always your call. FRIBES can be invisible. FRIBES can partner directly with you and your clients – everything out in the open. Either way works for us.

Whatever works for you.

At FRIBES, Nothing Goes To Waste

Often, we’re called in to jump-start a stalled or unsuccessful project. Someone isn’t happy. FRIBES fixes unhappy clients.

We review all elements of the project – those accepted, those rejected, those in limbo – and build on what the client likes. We provide several design avenues – one sure to point us all in the right direction.

Once we have the right direction, the rest is straightforward execution. Expert execution at FRIBES. We build on what’s there to keep costs as low as possible. If it’s been okayed, we build on it, around it, into it – to deliver just what your client wants.

This way, your investment in time, energy and capital outlay don’t go down the tube. FRIBES recycles good elements of promo and marketing design. It saves time. It saves money. It saves your sanity.

And, we get the project to you that much faster.

FRIBES: Delivering Cost-Effective Solutions

We know our role. It’s your client. You’re managing the project. You’ve got a lot of time and effort tied up in it already, and, bottom line, you need to cover your input.

FRIBES designs cost effective solutions based on years of experience. No research time. No metrics gathering. No endless conference calls.

FRIBES delivers a reaction piece – a mock-up, copy, whatever the media, format or platform, real or online world.

Your client calls for changes – lots of changes. We eat client revisions for lunch so they’re no problem. We keep at it until you have a happy, satisfied customer at costs that enable you to profit from your engagement with FRIBES.

FRIBES: We Speak Your Language

From HTML to mobi to the APA Style Manual, from integration of marketing channels, to adding interactivity to a static website, we both speak the same language.

You may be a coder who needs a copywriter. We’ve got them. And they’re really good.

Or, you may be a copywriter who needs a client website built. Work with FRIBES, and immediately expand your service offerings, earning on each project you refer or outsource to FRIBES. You grow without having to fit together the puzzle pieces.

We’ve already done it. Lots of times. For small and large agencies, and one-person start-ups who need some help – and FAST!

FRIBES: We Love Challenges

What do you need? When do you need it?

Call us. Send us an email. Text us. We’re fast, efficient, effective, professional, experienced, and 100% on your side.

We’re FRIBES. We always make you look good to your clients.

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