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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation:

FRIBES Delivers Results

Even if you sell top-of-the-line products, or deliver state-of-the-art services, if prospects and leads don’t find your website, you won’t enjoy ecommerce success.

Site visitors need a road map to your website – a road map often delivered by search engines. When search engine users enter queries, aka keywords, in to the search box, the search engine displays search engine results pages, or SERPs.

You want your business listed on the first page of SERPs to enjoy organic website traffic – prospects who find your website using a search engine.

The big three search engines? Google, Yahoo and Bing. Though Yahoo created the first search engine in 1994, Google controls almost 80% of all search, making it the #1 search engine by far – and the one you have to make happy.

Search Engines at Work

Search engines use spiders, sometimes called bots, to “crawl” websites to determine a number of factors – from what the website is about to how many websites link to the spidered site.

Spiders employ a top-secret, mathematical formula, called an algorithm, to assess and classify websites by the criteria built into the algorithm.

Search engine algorithms are updated regularly, as website designers develop designs and tactics to tweak the “numbers.” There’s a good-natured, adversarial relationship between search engine programmers who want to deliver the most relevant search results to users, and website designers who want client sites to rank higher on SERPs.

FRIBES: Best SEO Practices = Ecommerce Success. FAST!

SEO best practices take even small businesses to the top of search engine results pages. Search engines rank websites by relevance based on the keywords entered by users. Enter “sports equipment stores” and pages and pages of SERPs appear, though most search engine users never get past the first page of SERPs, which is why you want to be on page one to enjoy more organic traffic – traffic that found your website based on visitors’ search terms.

Unlike paid search, using banners, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, paid links from other sites, and other forms of purchased promotion, quality organic search results is marketing space that simply can’t be bought.

SEO is determined by:

ever-changing search engine algorithms;

social influence;

local search relevancy;

topicality of your website;

complete, accurate indexing of all pages of your website;

extent of competition;

reputation management;

non-reciprocal in-bound links – especially from higher-ranking websites – an indication that your site is an authority site recommended by competitors;

quality and “freshness” of website content; search engine spiders gobble up green content, moving your site higher up in page rank;

usefulness to visitors; a website of links to other sites (called a “links farm”) doesn’t help search engine users, so these sites tend to rank lower in SERPS than sites that deliver helpful, useful information, and links to other helpful sites.

This makes SEO both hugely competitive, yet multi-faceted. It takes structure, discipline and a thorough understanding of both the SEO and social spheres to create an SEO strategy that truly delivers, over and over again.

FRIBES Delivers Tailored Solutions

FRIBES provides: (1) innovative SEO research, (2) website optimisation, and (3) metrics reporting to deliver a greater return for every click, and to show your greatest ROI across computer and smart phone marketing and promotion.

No matter how big or small your campaign, we guarantee a tailored solution to fit your business’ needs. No guess work, no cut-and-paste site design and development – just real analysis that delivers real results.

Using FRIBES’s experience, knowledge of the latest in SEO best practices, website design and construction, we inject your website with everything required to land on page one of Google SERPs:

clear coding, understandable to search engine spiders;

understandable site text to spiders who follow letter strings to determine the topicality of your website;

website design that pulls search engine bots deeper into your website, indexing more site pages with greater accuracy;

easy site navigation used by search engine bots, including a site map and embedded text links;

clear directions to spiders on which pages to crawl and which are “NOFOLLOW” – pages like your website’s back office – something you don’t want indexed in a search engine;

links building campaigns to improve page rank (PR);

updated content to keep search engines coming back to crawl your site – especially important for online retailers whose inventory changes often;

informational content that helps search engine users further their efforts to find what they’re looking for;

localized search optimisation for businesses with a clearly defined service area.

FRIBES Delivers the Full List of SEO Services

Real-Time Search Engine Algorithm Monitoring

It’s imperative to know when search engine algorithms change to avoid falling from page one of SERPs to page 87 because of an overnight algorithm tweak by search engine programmers.

FRIBES monitors search engine algorithms, and best practices, to act quickly to ensure changes don’t have a negative impact on your website’s performance in search results.

Competitor and Market Analysis

Know the market and know the competitors.

By adopting this mantra, we accelerate marketing and promotion to keep your website ahead of the pack on SERPs. You want your website to rank high for strong keywords – and you want to stay on page one of SERPs delivered by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the more than 4,000 search engines crawling the web right now.

Advanced Keyword Optimisation

Through the use of advanced LSI (latent semantic indexing) tactics, FRIBES strategically positions your strongest keywords, with variations, to avoid sounding stilted to human readers – the people who buy your goods and services.

Placement of keywords in the HTML code that actually creates a website is important to spiders crawling the site. Keywords, in code, and, on site, must make “sense” to search engine bots to improve page rank.

FRIBES “talks” to bots in terms they understand, so your website is completely and properly indexed quickly, ensuring each site page is ideally optimised for search engine success.

Backlink Analysis

Links to other, relevant sites is a positive ranking factor for search engines.

FRIBES identifies the links that give your competitors strength to ensure we identify power links that move your website swiftly up in rank.

Further, we upgrade your main keywords based on competitor performance. The keywords that work for higher-ranking competition work for your website, as well. This creates a bespoke link building programme that works.

Social Media and SEO

Knowing where your target audiences are, and what they’re talking about, increases the chances of SEO success. With empirical data, the FRIBES professionals create the content your target demographics seek, resulting in all-important links to your site.

Search engine spiders love links – as long as they’re relevant to the content of your website.

The FRIBES Menu of

Search Engine Optimisation Services

FRIBES simplifies SEO by delivering all required services from a single source. You make one phone call and your customized SEO strategy is underway.

on-page consultation

SEO strategic development for new builds

SEO copywriting

SEO for ecommerce websites

analytics optimisation

local search optimisation

international SEO planning

international SEO implementation

domain server configuration (essential for website security)

social media optimisation

CMS optimisation

multi-lingual SEO

mobile SEO

links building

SEO links building

FRIBES delivers complete SEO services for start-ups and under-performing sites, thus integrating all SEO activities under one roof.

FRIBES also delivers a la carte services for mature sites that need a boost, are changing direction, or are seeing increased competition.

Whatever your SEO needs, FRIBES does more than develop strategies. FRIBES develops SEO solutions that improve page rank and increase site traffic.

Give the FRIBES guys a call for a free SEO consultation. There’s no obligation, but there are solutions.

FRIBES: SEO solutions made simple.

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