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PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing the FRIBES Way:

PPC that Converts Visitors to Buyers

Pay-per-click (PPC), online marketing is smart marketing.

You determine your promo budget, control ad placement, track results, analyze metrics, refine, and when developed properly, PPC delivers highly-qualified leads to your website – leads who have enough interest in your business to click a link to learn more about you. HOT leads.

With a talented team of PPC professionals, nimble processes, and experienced oversight, FRIBES takes guaranteed PPC performance to new heights.

FRIBES: We’re AdWords Professionals

AdWords is Google’s PPC program that displays those skyscrapers of blue cubes on the right side of its search engine results pages (SERPs), websites, blogs, forums and other places across the Internet.

AdWords is a great tool for businesses running lean. Ads are placed contextually based on the keywords entered into the search engine query box. When a user types in “French vacations,” organic search results appear on the left, contextual PPC ads for French travel agencies appear on the right side of SERPs – in context.

Positioning, at the top of the AdWords skyscraper, or on page 16, is based on the amount web-based business owners are willing to pay per click. Popular keywords deliver more impressions of each AdWords cube, but you pay more per click for that popular keyword.

Choose lesser-used, long-tail keywords to lower the cost of marketing. You may not see as many organic visitors, but you won’t pay a lot for a high-ranking keyword, either, making your marketing budget go further.

Using PPC to build an Internet business also stretches marketing budgets because you only pay when a search engine user actually clicks on one of your AdWords cubes.

All of our marketing analysts are AdWords Professionals. Upon joining the FRIBES team, every FRIBES marketer enters the Analyst Academy to receive training in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns, ensuring FRIBES is fully focused on your ROI.

This training enables the FRIBES team to develop individual strategic skills, and consistently expand the FRIBES database of the tactical PPC knowledge that creates ecommerce success.

FRIBES: Proven PPC Results

FRIBES employs a suite of tools and, most importantly, we provide transparent reporting on your campaign’s progress inside your own private members area. Simply log on to download all your easy-to-read reports. Perform your analysis and assessment on your schedule.

FRIBES: PPC Full Service

FRIBES delivers complete PPC services from a single source – with a single telephone call, greatly simplifying your marketing and promotion activities so you concentrate on growing the business.

Competitive Research

We use competitive intelligence to benchmark your brand against your competitors, and to audit your business-competitor environment.

Then, the FRIBES professionals design a PPC campaign based on your criteria to gain more market share, and to devise a strategy bespoke to your website – all at a lower cost.

Keyword Generation

With access to a database of approximately one billion keywords, we identify keywords across the whole customer buying cycle, analysing and segmenting prospects into core target groups.

PPC Targeting

FRIBES develops tactics to specifically target a segmented demographic. Our team of PPC pros determines exactly how your campaign is targeted for best results, from location and language, to industry, and search engine selection.

PPC Ad Copy

Limited to a 25 character headline, and two 35 character lines of sales incentive, PPC ads must deliver your company’s message in a few words. This requires a highly-specialized writing style to encourage search engine users to click on the link to your website.

FRIBES tests multiple ad copy variations to determine which ads deliver the highest click-through rates (CTR), and the highest conversion ratios. We also run ad extension testing to calculate the true value of the search engines’ latest functionality.

Campaign Expansion

Keyword generation is not a one-time task. It’s an on-going process in successful PPC campaigns. Because the search “landscape,” and search engine algorithms, are constantly changing, new search terms and customer behaviours must be addressed regularly.

What worked last month may not work this month.

PPC Optimisation

Filters and analytical tools enable FRIBES to influence bid costs for higher ranking keywords. We develop complex, customised optimisation systems to ensure our projected ROIs are directed at the most highly-targeted buyers possible.

FRIBES Delivers:

Full PPC Services

  • PPC campaign health check
  • competitive research
  • PPC strategy and tactics
  • keyword generation
  • PPC campaign targeting
  • ad copy creation
  • creative A/B testing
  • ad copy extensions
  • bid optimisation
  • click path analysis
  • equity weighting
  • architectural structure
  • match type/keyword mining
  • day parting
  • regular reporting inside your members area
  • Using pay-per-click marketing to drive traffic to your site is highly-technical, yet it’s also an art. The text must be clear to search engines, and to humans who actually take the time to click on one of your ads and visit your website.

    FRIBES not only delivers more traffic, through the use of best PPC practices, we deliver traffic that’s highly-qualified and looking to make a purchase or engage your business’ services. It’s not how many site visitors you see, it’s how many perform the most desired action (MDA) that counts.

    Call FRIBES today for a free consultation. We’ll analyse your current marketing, your target market, the competition, your keywords – an end-to-end analysis to demonstrate how to improve the return on your PPC investment.

    We’re FRIBES and we’re all over PPC.

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