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Newsletter & Autoresponders

FRIBES Client Communications:

Stay In Touch With Leads and Customers

Staying in touch with prospects, and your existing customers, builds a stable client base – the base you need to reach long-term online business success.

Reaching out to leads and customers with helpful news, incentives, special offers, contests, FREE services – is a highly-targeted, pro-active approach to client retention. You don’t wait for clients to contact you.

You contact clients using FRIBES’ customized newsletters and auto-responders

Staying in Touch the FRIBES Way

Newsletters: “ Hey, Read All About It”

FRIBES provides newsletter services for professionals and business owners who know they need to reach out, but are simply too busy to invest the time, or too cash-tight to invest the business capital.

Website and real-world business owners must communicate effectively with their clients and prospects regularly, and as early in the sales arc as possible – from first contact.

A monthly newsletters is a low-cost means of reaching out and touching clients and leads by providing useful information and a reason to visit your store or website – like FREE SHIPPING or a 20% off coupon.

Newsletters are sent directly to customers who know you, and have provided an email address, or smart phone telephone number, to which the monthly newsletter is sent.

FRIBES award-winning copywriters develop useful content that newsletter subscribers want to read. This avoids having your newsletter sent to the recipient’s spam folder. Your newsletter provides advice, tips and suggestions – deliver value and your newsletter gets read.

A newsletter can be delivered to a computer email address, to a tablet or smart phone. A newsletter, sometimes called “push information” builds your brand, demonstrates your dedication to client care, and keeps your company’s name in front of consumers regularly.

The FRIBES team handles all your newsletter details so you don’t have to:

list building techniques, i.e. email capture module on your website, a sign-up in your store, RSS feeds, etc.

complete copywriting services by authors who craft the perfect copy to meet the needs of your clients and prospects.

the design of an eye-catching layout that makes a statement about your business, from low-key corporate to in-your-face BAM! on a computer, tablet or smart phone screen. You will get noticed.

delivery of your newsletter directly to your client base.

publication through newsletter outlets for pick-up by websites, RSS feeds and other means of broadcasting information across the Internet.

logistics management – you tell us what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and FRIBES figures out how it should be done.

Auto-Responders: Short Message, BIG Impact

FRIBES also employs auto-responders to reach out and touch your leads, your current prospect list and, of course, your client base.

Auto-responders, or ARs, are informative, useful emails sent to computer, tablet and smart phone inboxes with your business’ message.

ARs can be sent out daily, weekly – as often as you have something important to say. That’s the key: something important to say. Bombard your AR recipients with spammy hype, and you’ll be blacklisted and go straight to the spam folder.

Provide a reason to open an AR, and you’ll see more traffic on your website, or through the front door. Good, solid information – a value-added feature of doing business with your company.

Once again, the FRIBES guys do it all so you focus on the business of business. We create attractive, useful auto-responders that improve business conversions with repeat impressions on consumers of your business.


When we create your newsletter or AR design, you don’t get away with “I’ll know it when I see it” when describing your vision of what needs to be done.

There’s a good reason for your collaboration, your input. We don’t waste your time. Your tell US who you’re trying to reach, what you want to say to the reader, how often you want to reach out to your clients, what to send to a prospect who contacted you.

You’re in charge. We listen carefully. We ask questions. We analyze your objectives, and develop strategies to communicate with prospects, with leads, with clients and customers.

That’s why we’re so thorough with our clients up front. We do a lot of listening during the discovery phase of working with you. Expect to spend some time on the phone as, together, we set goals, look through design elements, and make editorial decisions as collaborators so you always get what YOU want from FRIBES.

At FRIBES It’s Okay Not to Have All the Answers. We do.

You don’t need all the answers when you work with FRIBES – you just need to help our professionals discover the answers to their questions simply by talking with them.

You’re the business professional. We’re marketing and promotion professionals. Answer some simple questions, and we’ll design the perfect newsletter or email auto-responder for your target market.

It’s a low-cost tactic to stay in touch with clients, offer customers reasons to visit your outlet or website, and to build business authority and confidence by providing useful, professionally-written advice appropriate to the needs of your demographic.

Provide answers each month. Keep clients in place all year ‘round.

Ready to reach out to your customers? Ready to encourage a visit or phone call? At FRIBES, we keep your customers in the loop so you can keep focused on growing a business.

AT FRIBES, we like to stay in touch…with your customers.

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