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Conversion Rate Optimization


Your Website, Your Store or Both

Using proven search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, you can increase the amount of traffic on your website. Send out a direct mail piece and see a boost in inquiries.

However, this additional business activity doesn’t benefit your company if more and more prospects leave without making a purchase, or an appointment.

People have money. The more people you convert to buyers, and clients, the more robust your bottom line. Basic math. More customers, more sales, more revenues.

Conversion Optimization: Turning Browsers Into Buyers

Why did a site visitor land on your website, or in your store?

What are the motives of prospects? What are they looking for?

What problems do prospects have, and how can your business solve those problems?

What are the priorities of visitors? What’s most important? What other features do they look for?

If you don’t know, no worries. FRIBES does once we undertake a review of your website, your marketing, and other business activities that impact business performance right in the pocketbook.

FRIBES knows conversion optimisation, from initial visitor contact to on-going optimisation website maintenance. What worked last month may not work this month as visitors’ expectations change.

At FRIBES, we identify opportunities to improve conversion ratios through:

the delivery of higher-qualified visitors (buyers ready to take action);

clear, unambiguous definitions of the benefits of engaging your business;

longer time on site metrics;

elimination of design stumbling blocks that make it difficult for visitors to perform the most desired action (MDA);

reassurances throughout the check-out process;

warranties and guarantees;

purchase or engagement benefits, i.e. a free 30-minute consultation that focuses on visitor needs.

FRIBES knows what site visitors want. We make it simple for them to become buyers, clients or repeat visitors.

In addition to broad-based conversion initiatives, FRIBES delivers a long list of individualized services to develop the conversion strategy that targets your market’s bull’s-eye with ever-increasing precision:

audience analysis: who is most likely to buy, and why? Motivations.

conversion review: what prevents visitors from making a purchase, or contacting your business? It could be something as simple as confusing navigation. FRIBES fixes it.

website analytics: How long do visitors stay on site? How many visitors “bounce” before exploring? How many abandoned shopping carts do you see? Are they located in one place on site?

FRIBES views your website the way visitors view it. Then, we create a trail of useful information, definition of benefits, and other reasons to stay on site long enough to give you a call, or complete the check-out process.

usability testing: how do visitors perform on site? We can both learn a great deal about the usability of your website, i.e. the “on-site experience,” by analyzing how visitors use site features.

wire frames, test sites and information architecture: website designs based on the latest best practices. Our copywriters create a content structure that leads visitors to the performance of the MDA.

website design: colour palette, font size, text placement, visual elements, graphics – first impressions matter

A/B and multi-variant testing: A/B testing changes a single website element, tracks performance, and determines whether to keep the change or try a fresh approach.

Multi-variant testing changes several, usually related, website elements, tracks performance and determines if additional refinements are required,

Encourage your audience to engage your business with:

a strong call to action.

a CONTACT us link in the website navigation; the CONTACT page includes a call to action, complete contact information, an email module, an instant dial option, and other features that simplify contact with you and your team.

contact information on every page of the website in the same location; you never know where, or when, the visitor will take action, so make it easy.

search by preference modules that allow visitors to search by product type, cost, availability, location, or other site search criteria.

a chat and/or instant message module for immediate contact.

Knowing customers are interested in your products and services is one thing, getting them to convert is another.

Creating the path to successful conversion requires solid insights and analytics of current web page performance, matched with clear, objective implementation of enhanced order processes that create value. Faster.

Conversion optimization is an on-going process. Virtually all websites can show improved conversion ratios based on data harvesting and metrics analysis.

That’s what we do at FRIBES every day.

Providing our clients with detailed insights, backed by our powerful data analysts, and skilled technical developers, super-charges our multi-channel business promotion strategies to maximise the value of all of your marketing investments online and offline.

Search engine optimizations (SEO) provides the pathway to your website. Conversion optimization converts site visitors to customers, clients and repeat visitors, which, ultimately, builds a business to profitability.

To kick things off, FRIBES provides a free site review and analysis to determine how we can best serve your needs, and the needs of your market, whether online, or down in the village – wherever your business operates, FRIBES creates customers and clients.

Call today and let’s get started building a loyal base of customers – repeat buyers who create long-term business success.

Your consultation is free, you’ll like what you hear, and you’ll see improved conversion rates when FRIBES turns shoppers into consumers.

Let’s talk about building your business. FRIBES is always a call or click away.

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