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Responsive Website Design

FRIBES Responsive Website Design:

One Size DOES Fit All

With the explosive increase in the use of smart phones, tablets, PDAs, game consoles and other electronics, as access points to the Internet, you never know how visitors will see your website.

Your website was designed to be viewed on a computer screen – a desktop or laptop, with screens large enough to display properly and well.

Today, more than half of Internet access is by smart phone or tablet. In many cases, smart phone users have to scroll up and down, right and left trying to decipher your computer-based website.

And scrolling every which way gets tired fast so visitors – potential customers or clients – bounce when your computer website shows up on the small, smart phone screen, or the tiny game console screen.

Dot.Mobi – The Band-Aid Approach to Marketing

To address the problem of screen display, the dot.mobi platform was created to display properly on smaller screens, with lower resolutions, in all kinds of lighting conditions.

This band-aid approach delivers a striped-down version of your full-featured, computer website. The graphics are re-done, text comes in small blocks, graphs and charts are difficult to read, and many of your website features are striped out to create a fast-loading smart phone/Internet connection.

The other problem with dot.mobi sites is cost. You pay a programmer to build a second, mobi site, and to integrate that site into your dot.com site, or your client relations management (CRM) software.

FRIBES uses a different approach – an approach that’s flexible, infinitely-adaptable, and ready for the future of Internet technology.

Responsive Website Design From The FRIBES Team

Nearly everyone owns some kind of mobile device today, whether it’s a tablet, smart phone, personal data assistant (PDA) – we’re all plugged in, and on the go.

The consumer tsunami created by the explosive use of mobi to market businesses has changed the way savvy business owners promote products and services.

The worldwide shift is to mobile, Internet access and, if your business isn’t mobi-friendly, you’re going to lose larger and larger market share to competitors who use mobi as part of their marketing campaigns.


More than 55.5 percent of U.S. consumers own a smart phone according to Nielsen.

Smart phone use has increased 41% in two years. That trend will continue.

58 percent of teens own a smart phone, and more kids become online consumers daily – using that smart phone to compare prices and make a secure purchase. Kids are tech-smart.

Digital Trends named 2012 the Year of the Tablet, with sales expected to exceed one million, topping notebooks. The magazine also reports that tablets “will reign supreme” in the evolving world of education as administrators opt overwhelmingly for tablets over PCs.

That’s why FRIBES designs, builds and maintains responsive website designs that look great on any sized screen – from HD screens hooked up to a desktop to a small, smart phone screen with low-resolution imaging. You always look your best with responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design (RWD) lets you build one website that displays well on a majority of browsers, and a majority of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

RWD detects the resolution of the device on which it’s being viewed and scales the design and content to fit neatly within the browser on the screen.

RWD provides an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling — across a wide range of devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

FRIBES Delivers All The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

avvy administrators and CTOs are racing to update their digital presence with RWD. That’s because RWD offers significant benefits:

Save money. Build it once. Adapt and upgrade as needed.

No need to create another website or app, with additional hosting fees, whenever a new device hits the market.

Save time and resources. Your business’ digital presence is in one place. Changes and updates are easy using a simple dashboard to make revisions across all Internet platforms.

Deliver a better user experience on site, increasing the chances of converting visitors to buyers because it’s easy to connect with your company on any device. Sales increase organically.

Updates are automatic. As new technology and protocols are introduced, FRIBES notifies you that your website needs an upgrade. With approval, upgrades are done quickly and automatically to keep you ahead of the competition.

Why You Want Responsive Web Design NOW

Using responsive web design, FRIBES delivers more mobile traffic to your website. And all that mobile traffic means you’ll need a site that works equally well on every size and shape of screen — desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet — to meet the needs of prospects, leads, existing customers, staff, and anyone looking for information on your website.

You WANT Responsive Web Design to enhance the onsite experience, regardless of how visitors access your website.

You want ease of use, flexibility, adaptability and no headaches. FRIBES eliminates headaches by delivering the right website image on the right device with RWD.

Update today and keep ahead of the technology curve. Your competition is doing it. So are your potential customers and clients. Now’s the time to upgrade to RWD from FRIBES.

One website, one company, one point of contact – we keep things simple at FRIBES, and we keep our focus squarely on your needs.

Drop us a line, give us a call, or even text us. No matter how you contact us, FRIBES gets the message.

Then, let’s get together to build your next generation website – one that won’t become obsolete.

We really should talk about responsive web design and ecommerce success. Need a reason?

FRIBES has the answers.

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