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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development:

At FRIBES, You’re Always In Touch

Mobile marketing, sometimes called mobi marketing, is pro-active, targeted, highly-effective, and low cost. Using a customized smart phone app also keeps your company’s name on clients’ smart phone screens – just a click away.

Your business targets prospects seeking specific information, customized products, or solutions that your business delivers. These are highly-motivated leads, and existing clients or customers, who want to contact you on a one-to-one basis using today’s smart phone technology.

Using a FRIBES-built app for your business, you can:

send automated appointment reminders the week prior to the scheduled appointment;

send useful information on the products or services you provide to existing customers, and to prospects who provide their smart phone numbers – people eager to keep in contact;

“push” promotions through smart phones – 50% off your next purchase. Customers simply show the clerk their smart phone coupon display screen – and you’re seeing more traffic coming through the front door;

send a monthly newsletter on industry trends to establish your business’ authority;

notify your client base of recalls, FREE upgrades, or other notifications from manufacturers;

connect leads to your dot.com or dot.mobi site for more information, or to opt-in for your latest promo;

automatically dial the telephone number of your customer service or sales departments;

automatically dial the telephone number and extension of the client’s in-house representative;

download in-take forms for medical and dental practices to simplify the in-take process, and keep the office running smoothly.

Using a customized smart phone app, designed, developed and supported by the FRIBES app development team, you reach out and touch clients and leads pro-actively, instead of waiting for them to contact you, making mobi marketing a great tool to maintain a stable base of clients.

FRIBES Delivers More Mobi For Your Money

FRIBES’ extensive experience in the development of smart phone apps, and the effective use of these marketing tools, enables us to deliver more app features for less – more mobi for the money.

Further, FRIBES apps are smart tag friendly. Using QR or MS smart tags, bar codes or other “readable” formats, FRIBES equips you to encourage the most desired action when the smart phone user snaps a picture of the smart tag.

FRIBES designs smart tags to perform a number of sales and client care functions. Remember, these are qualified leads asking for more information by using the camera function of their phones to snap a picture of your business’ smart tag.

In other words, these are the very people you want to reach, and who you want to reach out to you.

FRIBES Smart Phone Apps: State-of-the-Art Just Got Simpler

Utilising cutting edge development tools, the FRIBES guys build feature-deep, cross-platform mobile applications that run on iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, tablets, PDAs – any mobile communications device.

And because you collaborate on the design, and menu of app features, (1) you get exactly what you want in an app, and (2) FRIBES delivers your app at the lowest cost possible, enabling you to recoup your investment in client/company communications faster.

FRIBES Apps For Smart Phones and For Your Business

FRIBES wants input from you. We undertake an extensive discovery process to design and build the perfect app: perfect screen logo, perfect graphical user interface (GUI) designed for the smaller screens of smart phones, simple screen-driven directions and navigation prompts, regular updates and alerts – FRIBES apps keep you in touch with clients – and connectivity grows businesses.

However, these apps also improve in-house communications with remote-site staff. Manage a fleet of repair trucks? Your company’s app, developed, installed and supported by FRIBES, uses GPS to direct field activities.

Service staff can contact each other for parts or assistance without routing the call through the home office, increasing productivity.

Messaging to off-site staff is as simple as sending a text. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s a total time-saver.

From initial consultation, to placement at app stores for download, FRIBES puts this important tool in your hands and shows you how to use it effectively. We even provide the “push information” your prospects and customers are looking for.



Based on the smart phone app specifications you provide, we offer a fixed cost for design, development, testing and market placement. Just tell us what you want the app to do.

You’re involved every step of the way, approving everything from GUI to screen logo. It’s your app – something we never forget at FRIBES.

FRIBES: Cross Platform Design

Your customers, prospects and leads use a variety of smart phones and PDAs so you want one app that works on all popular platforms – Apple, Android, RIM, tablet – whatever the platform, your app display is clear, clean, sharp, and most of all, useful.

FRIBES develops your application for all platforms so you reach the biggest audience possible.

Contact FRIBES for ALL Your App Development

FRIBES delivers all app development services – graphics, navigation, text, feature integration – all under one roof, all a simple call or click away.

Contact FRIBES today. Your initial consultation is free. You’ll also discover how mobile marketing is changing the face of advertising and business promotion.

The folks at FRIBES show you how to target your demographic with pinpoint precision using mobile smart phone apps.

Give us a call today. We’ll have your app ready ASAP – and it’ll be the perfect app for your business. Why?

At FRIBES, perfection is the norm.

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