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Mobile Development

It wasn’t too long ago that Internet access was limited to your computer. Today, more and more of us are using our smart phones to access the web. We’re no longer chained to our desktops. We have tablets and smart phones to get us online.

Mobile marketing is proactive. Recipients have provided their smart phone numbers. They want to hear from you. As long as it isn’t a bunch of sales hype.

Use mobi marketing to “push” useful information to your client base. Offer smart phone coupons redeemable in the store. Push other incentives: 20% off, A FREE consultation, a FREE tire rotation.

Whatever your business, mobi keeps you connected.

What else can you do with mobile marketing?

Create smart tags programmed to perform specific actions:

  • automatically log on to a page of your website;
  • instantly dial the telephone number of the right person in your company;
  • download contact information with the snap of a picture of a smart tag;
  • send information by email or text with the latest announcements from your business.

Fribes integrates smart phone camera technology and smart tags – bar codes on steroids – to engage the most highly-qualified leads, people who have provided a smart phone number to stay in touch with you.

Mobile Website Design

When visitors use their smart phones to access your computer-based website, they have to scroll right and left, up and down to see the entire site. Why? Your website was built to display on a large computer screen, not a small smart phone screen.

So, along comes mobile web sites – dot.mobi. These websites are designed to be viewed on smaller screens. Navigation is simple, using touch screen technology instead of a mouse.

Fribes builds mobi sites that can be updated daily with the newest inventory, or the day’s luncheon special.

Fribes also develops personalized apps for businesses. Using a restaurant app, visitors can see the day’s specials, place an order using a smart phone, receive confirmation and time for pick-up.

Medical practitioners, service providers, retailers, consultancies – any business can use a Fribes-built, customized app for free download to patients, buyers, clients, previous customers – anyone who engages your business through a smart phone.

Fribes is on-the-go with mobile development. Are you?

Mobile Marketing Services

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