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Logos and Branding

Brands and Logos:

FRIBES Creates the Essence of YOU

An established brand is a form of shorthand between business and consumer. Your business’ brand instantly conveys core values, credibility, uniqueness – both tangible and intangible impressions of a business simply by looking at the company’s logo, for example.

Famous brands? Dyson innovates. Coca-Cola invigorates. Microsoft dominates. Disney animates. A well-established brand instantly conveys an image – perceptions in the minds of consumers based on what they’ve seen, read or heard about your business.

Brand building is an on-going process. For example, your company logo design is an important, early step in the branding process because that logo is the incarnation of your enterprise. It says who and what you are instantly.

Brands are built locally, regionally, nationally and globally, but regardless of the geography, the stages of building a brand – your company identity – remain the same.

A well-established brand:

instils consumer trust

establishes creditability among buyers

establishes industry-specific authority

simplifies the marketing of your business

employs low- and no-cost strategies; your only investment is time, and a high regard for the satisfaction of your customer or client base

maintains an existing client base – a key element of long term business success; repeat buyers

creates positive world of mouth – friends telling friends about the quality of care your company provides

lowers promotion expenses for use in other aspects of growing your business

FRIBES: Building Brand Identity

Do you know your target market’s favourite colour? Does your demographic have special needs, i.e. reading glasses? Do prospects even know you’re there?

a brand is the perceived, emotional corporate image as a whole.

business identity is created using visual and textual components through a variety of marketing channels, from trade shows to an interactive website.

a logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for; think McDonalds, Rolls Royce, KFC, Dell Computers – each has a distinctive, memorable logo that consumers remember.

FRIBES builds brand identity through the creation of logos, all print stationery and marketing collaterals, a website, social media pages, auto-responders, online newsletters, and authoritative, helpful website text that keeps prospects coming back.

In the Digital Age, there are lots of ways to build a company brand – and quickly. FRIBES uses all of them.

Corporate Branding: FRIBES Builds Your Corporate Image

Many people believe a brand consists of a few elements – some colours, a recognizable font, a logo, a tag line, and maybe some music, too. In fact, it’s not that simple.

Developing a corporate brand involves an inside-out understanding of your target market. Selling to senior citizens is very different from selling to teens. Your corporate image is recognized by your target demographic – the consumers who purchase your products, or sign up for your services. Your brand is a corporate image.

Your business’ corporate image is created daily by everything your company does, everything it owns, and everything it produces, how it treats customers and prospects - all reflect the values of the business as a whole – as a good corporate citizen.

Let’s use Apple as an example of corporate image because the company has mastered the branding process to create a corporate image recognized globally.

Apple Computers’ image is based on a humanistic corporate culture and a strong corporate ethic characterised by volunteerism, support of good causes, community involvement, industry authority and other elements.

Apple Computer’s values are evident in everything they do, from development of innovative products, delivery of memorable advertising, and quality client care.

Apple is an emotionally humanist brand that connects with people. Apple users are actually part of the brand. It’s this emotional connection that creates Apple’s brand – not simply their products, and a bite sized logo.

Corporate Identity: FRIBES Tells Them Who You Are

One major role of a brand, or corporate image, is the creation of your corporate identity.

In most cases, identity design is based around the visual devices used within a company, assembled using best design practices, and a thorough understanding of your target demographic.

These guidelines used to create a corporate identity are integrated through a variety of marketing channels – from convention take-aways to a mobi website that looks great on smart phone screens.

FRIBES employs a careful analysis of the likes and dislikes of prospective site visitors including:

media – print, digital and electronic integrated to create sales synergies.

appropriate colour palettes that suit your target market – from trust-building navy blue to gonzo lime green depending on who’s looking at your company’s marketing materials.

type fonts – what does the text look like? Is it easy to read? Does it grab the attention of the visitor? Does it put off the visitor? Something as simple as your choice of text font makes a difference in building a corporate identity.

layout – how are text and graphics integrated based on the way that information is delivered – in print, on a website, tablet, or through a smart phone.

content – is the information useful? Does it provide an incentive for the reader to take action? Is it grammatically correct and free of typos? It all matters in building a corporate image of quality in everything you do.

Elements of a Corporate Identity: FRIBES Does It All

logo - the symbol of the identity; a visual representation of the brand

stationery - letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.

marketing collaterals including flyers, brochures, books, websites, mobi sites, smart phone “push” information, coupons, etc.

products and packaging that attracts the eye

apparel design – the uniforms and other clothing worn by employees

signage - interior and exterior design

messaging and actions - messaging through digital and electronic means, print materials, banners, online advertising – if it’s related to your business, it must convey your business identity to build a recognized brand

A Special Word About Your Logo: FRIBES Loves Logos

A logo identifies your company in the minds of consumers at a glance. When you see the Coca Cola logo, you instantly know what you’re looking it – in any language.

A logo identifies a company or product using a mark, flag, symbol or signature. A logo doesn’t sell the company directly. Instead, your logo symbolises your company, not the other way around. Your logo IS your business identity. In a nutshell, what a logo represents is more important than what it looks like.

The logo identifies a business or product in its simplest form.

FRIBES prides itself on logo creation services, working with you to capture the essence of your business with a stylish, on-target visual that’s recognized by your clients, leads and prospects.

Call FRIBES to Build Your Brand

FRIBES integrates brand-building activities using print, online and smart phone technology to increase consumer awareness of your product or service offerings.

We collaborate with you and your team to create a corporate identity recognized for quality, customer service, added value, prestige, and other sales motivations – your corporate values.

Give us a call or drop us a line. That initial consultation is free. You’re under no obligation. WHY?

FRIBES’ corporate culture is centered on you, and your business success, so we over-deliver at every stage of the brand-building process.

We’re FRIBES and we’re very, very good at designing the perfect logo, and creating the right corporate brand for your market.

Call FRIBES and hit the sweet spot of your target market. At FRIBES, we never miss.

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