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Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce Business Success

Starts With FRIBES

Ecommerce is simply the conduct of business using the Internet. Simple.

However, creating a successful online business isn’t simple. It requires planning, market analysis, competitor review, website design, online marketing, metrics analysis, and more.

The FRIBES team is comprised of professionals in all aspects of ecommerce success, making FRIBES the place to turn your online vision into an online reality.

FRIBES Turns Prospects and Leads Into Buyers

FRIBES takes the time to learn all about your business, your target demographic, your plans for the future, what steps you’ve taken in the past – we want to know as much about your business as you do to create an effective website that drives high-quality visitors to your online store or office.

FRIBES does more than design an ecommerce website. FRIBES designs a business model, and growth strategies, that have proved successful for our hundreds of clients who enjoy ecommerce success.

FRIBES clients show up higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) faster because FRIBES makes it easy to index your website by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines.

Why Are Ecommerce Websites Popular With Entrepreneurs and Consumers?

Ecommerce websites are now a part of everyday life, whether it’s ordering groceries, sending birthday wishes, or checking your bank account balance. We all use ecommerce to simplify life, and increase our productivity as individuals, and as company managers and owners.

In the UK alone we spend hundreds of billions online each year, as more of us discover the benefits of Internet ecommerce for shopping, price comparisons, locating service providers, and a host of other online activities across the country, and around the world.

Having a well-crafted ecommerce website appear on the first page of Google SERPs opens your business to the world 24/7! To sell products or services competitively online, you need a well-designed website that meets the needs of search engine spiders, and the needs of human beings who visit your site eager to make contact, or make a purchase.

FRIBES Designs, Builds, Promotes and Maintains Ecommerce Websites

A well-designed ecommerce website captures attention at a glance, and pulls visitors deeper into the site.

It provides useful information, promos and incentives, and an easy process to place an order, or to reach your office to make an appointment.

Everything from site layout to navigation, and from site text to a secure check-out, your ecommerce website has to be “right.” Right tone, right look, right signage, right language, right benefits – your website has to be “right” to succeed, and FRIBES does it right – right from our initial contact with you and your team.

Choosing an ecommerce website designer, with expansive experience within a variety of business sectors, delivers the bespoke ecommerce website required to grow your business, and grow it quickly.

Do I Need a Bespoke Ecommerce Website?

If you want to sell online effectively, yes, you do require a bespoke ecommerce website developed specifically for the unique attributes of your business.

A bespoke ecommerce website must be:

highly responsive, interacting with site visitors.

user friendly with easy navigation, easy-to-read text, and other features that make visitors feel comfortable.

targeted at a highly-focused, highly-qualified audience, i.e. knowledgeable consumers.

free from duplication, a negative ranking factor that drops you on SERPs, and bores readers.

attractive and appropriate for the target sector.

cross-browser compatible, running on Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome and other popular Internet browsers.

mobile friendly to deliver information, coupons and other incentives via smart phones, PDAs, tablets and other means of Internet access; ecommerce success isn’t just about computers any more.

search engine optimised to ensure your website is quickly, accurately, and completely indexed by search engines.

easy to maintain so you save money on updates, upgrades, and changes to your website; FRIBES creates websites that you manage, if that’s what you need.

easy to measure performance in terms of metrics like bounce rate, page views per visitor, time on site, popular website pages, and other numbers used to constantly refine an ecommerce website.

scalable so, as your business grows, your website grows as well – and looks good in the process; FRIBES refines ecommerce websites to make your website worthy of a bookmark – and repeat visits.

hosted on an optimised server that provides server-side security features like hard-wired firewalls, partitioned hard drives, and even private website hosting to deliver unlimited growth and levels of security.

Sound complicated? With FRIBES by your side, it’s easy. We’ll show you just how easy a FRIBES ecommerce website is to manage before we undertake the development of your ecommerce site.

At FRIBES, ALL of our ecommerce website design and development is completed in-house.

Our ecommerce website designers integrate key marketing elements like up-sells, social media inclusion, and banner advertising.

All of this expertise, under one roof, means that our ecommerce websites are cogently designed, hand-crafted and optimised from the day you launch!

All FRIBES ecommerce websites come with an intuitive content management system (CMS) that equips you to:

easily manage products and pricing, making changes as often as needed.

upload and change content such as images, videos and text.

control categories and promotions within the site.

track customer orders to identify business activity that requires attention.

integrate secure payment systems, so customers can easily make a purchase on your website.

manage product reviews and online reputation.

design and disseminate advertising banners, PPC marketing and other means of reaching your target market.

FRIBES: Yes, We Are Passionate About Ecommerce Websites

It’s REAL easy to get ecommerce wrong, and over the years, FRIBES has rescued many online businesses that used low-rent, template-based ecommerce websites. These low-ball websites don’t work because one size does NOT fit all.

Growing ecommerce businesses is all that FRIBES does – from business model analysis to regular blog posting – FRIBES thrives on ecommerce success – your ecommerce success.

Give FRIBES a call, drop us an email, or text us your needs, and FRIBES kicks off your ecommerce business the RIGHT way….the successful way.

Your initial consultation is free, There’s no obligation, FRIBES is here to help your ecommerce enterprise grow to ecommerce success faster, at a lower cost and with less effort on the part of your staff.

At FRIBES, we do it all – and we do it right.

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