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FRIBES Proof-Reading:

We Sweat The Small Stuff

You spend a bundle to build a website, or a wad of cash on a direct mail piece. It looks good. The text delivers the right message. You, and your team, have read over the text dozens of time, and you have a lot of time, energy, and capital tied up in business promotion.

The problem is, a single typo, a single misspelling, a misplaced modifier, or format inconsistencies lessen the impact of your promos.

Some readers will catch the typos, or the text written by offshore, low-cost writers, and think, “If this company is so careless it misses typos, it must be careless in the delivery of services or products.”

Typos, misspellings, misplaced punctuation, and other errors undermine the credibility of your company.

The FRIBES copy editors know where to place the serial comma, and the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

You can read the text over and over, but if you’ve forgotten what a split infinitive is, you’ll miss that split infinitive every time.

Why FRIBES for proofing?

FRIBES knows grammar, spelling and punctuation. We do more than find the mistakes. We fix errors in syntax, sentence construction, add keywords selectively to improve SEO, and improve your text down to the last period of the “call to action” text block.

FRIBES knows text variations used in different regions. In the UK, the “King’s Comma” – the final comma before the word “and” in a list – is the preferred format.

“I bought rice, beans, and fruit at the store.”

The comma before the word “and” in that sentence is used in some parts of the world, optional in other parts. Example?

In the U.S., the serial comma is optional, as long as the text is consistent in the use of this punctuation throughout the document.

FRIBES knows the variations in regional spelling, punctuation and grammar, i.e. “colour” in the UK, “color” in the U.S. Our editors and proof-readers have shelves of style manuals, from the traditional Chicago Manual of Style to The Oxford English Dictionary, to research the right usage.

FRIBES Focuses On Format

Format inconsistencies show carelessness. FRIBES doesn’t care for carelessness, so during our proof of your docs, we repair format inconsistencies.

You want an example?

In some of your website sub-heads, you capitalize T-h-e, T-o and other small words, as in “Finding The Path To Success.”

Other sub-heads, on the same website page, use upper and lower case letters in sub-heads, i.e. “Finding the Path to Success.” FRIBES proofs your text for format consistency, providing a document that employs consistent grammar, punctuation, spelling, and format.

FRIBES Proofs It All

From a white paper on the “Taxonomical Bias in German Universities,” to a punchy, in-your-face sell sheet, the FRIBES scribes have proofed it all.

Writing an article for submission to an academic journal? Have you read the journal’s editorial guidelines? Is your submission properly formatted, in line with the journal’s style and format rules and regulations? Our proof-readers review submission guidelines, format to APA conventions, correct footnotes, and make you look academic.

Or, outrageous – but letter perfect. Whatever needs proofing, FRIBES assigns the responsibility to a knowledgeable expert in the use of properly-placed adverbs.

And, the rules of content generation.

FRIBES: We Like Your Style

It’s your document. You’re the content expert, the keynote speaker, the authority to whom others turn.

At FRIBES, we respect your vision, your objectives, your voice. Our proof-readers and content editors simply place that dangling participle where it belongs in the sentence.

We don’t imprint “our” voice on your words. We don’t put “our nose on your baby.” After all, it is your baby.

We just fix what needs to be fixed to make you, and your business, look more professional – and concerned about the small stuff, a confidence builder for prospective clients.

FRIBES Makes You Look Good

It’s almost impossible to proofread your own text. You wrote it that way in the first place, so how do you detect errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, syntax and other elements of exceptional writing?

You call FRIBES. Our “word nerds” love this stuff. They put your doc under a microscope, looking for the smallest, misplaced semi-colon. They check style manuals for regional differences in the conventions of writing.

They even read your text backward, reading one word at a time – an old proofreading trick to maintain focus, and avoid skimming on the 18th read-through.

Send us your docs. FRIBES will send back letter-perfect text that represents you to others as a business, or professional, who takes care in everything you do.

At FRIBES, we do sweat the small stuff. For you.

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