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FRIBES Digital Video:

Sound Good. Look Professional

Online and offline digital video is a great way to promote products and services, build your business authority, lower customer care costs, and promote your business locally, regionally, and even globally.

Prospects watch videos, and a properly-produced presentation can be used in lots of different ways, spreading design and development costs across numerous promotion opportunities.

Display your video on your website.

Provide links to your video on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and other social media sites. We’ll show you how, or do it for you!

Upload your FRIBES video to your company’s LinkedIn page. Don’t have a company LinkedIn page? We’ll build you one, then upload and format the video to run on any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Use your video at sales presentations to describe prospect benefits of choosing your company over the competition.

Create “how-to” videos to cut down on calls to tech support. Show consumers how to assemble what you sell – online!

Create a video loop that plays continuously at trade shows and industry conventions, pulling in more viewers and more opportunity.

Upload and direct prospects to your video on Google’s YouTube. Done right, your video may go viral with millions of “hits,” and a substantial increase in public awareness of your company.

The FRIBES team develops the right script, with the right message, and the right visuals to create videos that have impact. PUNCH.

FRIBES Does Digital Video Right

Is your on-screen narrator wearing a microphone to avoid room tone?

Does the voice-over narrator bring energy and excitement to your video production?

Does your video use charts, graphs, and other visual aids to deliver a great deal of information in a very short time?

Does your video use text burns to identify key concepts, new vocabulary, and other important information?

Is the music bed right for the target market? Does the music interfere with the narration? Does it properly “cue” viewers?

Do your intro and outro frames contain the right information?

When FRIBES designs and produces your digital video, production values are “right” for use in a variety of business contexts – from sales to in-house training, and from link building to increased brand awareness.

The FRIBES team has won more than 70 industry awards for the quality of its videos at film festivals in New York, Houston and other venues. Why?

FRIBES does video right. We show you how to effectively re-purpose each video production. We build training videos, informational presentations, engaging sales content that captures and holds the attention of viewers.

And FRIBES delivers a video that works on any Internet-connected device, across all platforms, so your video always looks great at a cost that looks fantastic!

Call, click or text FRIBES today – right now – for a totally free, no-obligation consultation on using digital video to pull in more traffic, to increase brand awareness, and even train new hires in hours instead of weeks, boosting business productivity.

Even better, our team will draft a sample script at no cost to ensure we capture the tone and image you want to project.

FRIBES. Yeah, we do digital video right so you always look and sound your best. Let’s get the cameras rolling on your video footage today.

Call, click, text. FRIBES hears you.

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