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FRIBES Copy Writing:

Content That Converts

The words you deliver to prospects, leads, and clients or customers, determines long-term business success, and how quickly you achieve it.

The right words, properly crafted, are informative, useful, compelling, engaging, and utilize the right “voice” for the reader.

FRIBES’ award-winning copy writers work with you to deliver the right message, in the right voice, which, in turn, leads to higher conversion ratios. More business.

FRIBES Delivers Content Throughout The Sales Process

From initial engagement, through repeat buyers who form a stable client or customer base, your marketing copy has to be appropriate for the position of customer or client in the sales process.

A first-time visitor to your company website will make an immediate assessment of the utility of your site in 6.4 seconds. In that miniscule time frame, you have to convince Internet users to stay on site longer, read more pages, and discover the benefits of conducting business with your business.

Once contact is made, different content is required to further the sales process. This content is part of a well-designed site that pulls visitors deeper and deeper into the website, following a trail that encourages action on the part of visitors.

Whether it’s an introductory brochure, “push” information sent via smart phone to existing customers, or a detailed consultation with a new client, your content has to be right for each lead you engage, and their place on the sales process.

From first-time “Hello,” through trust and confidence building, initial contact, formal engagement, repeat buyers, and on-going sales of products or services, FRIBES delivers the right content for each client.

FRIBES Creates Your Company’s Voice

Your company voice is an important part of building brand awareness. Consistency of voice identifies your business to readers of your marketing collaterals.

Your business voice, sometimes called tone, changes with different demographics. Use the right one and connect with the reader. Use the wrong tone and your website bounce rate will hit 80% - eight out of 10 site visitors never get past the home page because it’s WRONG!

Two businesses: a legal practice and an auto dealership. Both want to deliver the same messages of professionalism, quality service delivery, client care, and factors assessed during prospects’ progression through the sales process.

Same message, but the tone – the voice – will be different. VERY different.

The legal practice will employ a confident, understated voice – a tone that instills confidence in the expertise of the legal firm.

The auto dealership will employ a high-energy, power-packed tone that demands attention to cut through the white noise in the auto marketing sector.

High-impact and punchy versus dignified and assured.

Two businesses. Same message. Two distinct voices – the right tone for the demographic of the law firm and the dealership. From FRIBES.

FRIBES Learns The Language

Many industries and professions employ linguistic “shorthand” to communicate with knowledgeable peers. From plastic extrusion professionals to nutrition authorities, all use insider “jargon” to distinguish industry insiders from outsiders.

Use the right terms, in the right context, to create credibility, authority, expertise. Use industry-specific vocabulary to create a bond between your business and the reader of your brochure, catalogue, website, newspaper advert, or other marketing outlet.

Use the wrong terms, or use them incorrectly, and readers subliminally determine that your business isn’t “all that it could or should be.”

FRIBES copy writers learn the language of your target market, and we speak it like our native tongue to boost the impact of your marketing content.

FRIBES Recycles Nouns and Verbs

Professional copy writing is highly specialized and, as such, it can be expensive. However, once again, your “voice” is often the determining factor in making a sale, or signing on a new client.

To lower content development costs, FRIBES “re-purposes” your content, spreading development costs across several different marketing pieces.

Your print brochure copy makes an excellent presentation on your website home page. Your press release becomes part of the “green” content of your website to optimize your site for search engine crawls.

You own the content. FRIBES shows you how to use it to lower the cost per impression (CPI).


Short messaging services (SMS), like Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and other social media sites, gobble up content by the kilo. Keeping your Tweets current is time consuming, and updating your LinkedIn profile has been on your to-do list for six months.

FRIBES loves social media. We update Tweets and posts throughout the day to reach a global audience, as one part of the world welcomes the new work day, and another heads for home.

Our copy writers punch up your profiles on social media sites, create copy for a company Facebook or LinkedIn page, post short messaging on the Plurk timeline, build an off-site blog that links to your website – if it’s social, FRIBES’ scribes are on it.

FRIBES: Single Source Copy Writing

What do you need?

signage for a product launch

a simple direct mail piece

an industry white paper

in-your-face take-aways

stationery, invoices and other business “paper” that increase brand awareness

a digital video production that delivers high production values and the right message to the right viewer – the viewer ready to buy

SEO and SEM copy to get the attention of Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other 4,000 search engines crawling the Internet

pay-per-click ads, banners and other digital marketing tools

You can call a few dozen copy writers, compare writing samples, experience, prices, schedules and other considerations…

…or you can call FRIBES, and single source it. Our copy writers have decades of experience, melding the best of traditional marketing with today’s digital informational and marketing practices.

Whatever your copy writing needs, give FRIBES a call for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll review your plans, your text, your metrics, and your expectations.

First we listen. Then, we learn. Finally, we create the right content for your business and for your market.

Call or email FRIBES today. We get copy right.

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