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Leaflet Design

Print Marketing Leaves a Lasting Impression:

FRIBES Designs Leaflets That Deliver

While online marketing is critical to business success, print is still an important marketing channel that can be integrated into your online marketing, or handed out at the next industry trade show.

Leaflets are short, eye-catching marketing that you leave behind with prospects to review at their convenience. Messaging is short and punchy, focusing on services or products, and benefits of choosing your business over hundreds of competitors.

They make great take-aways at speaking events, conventions, industry gatherings and other opportunities to meet potential clients looking for a company just like yours.

FRIBES Leaflets Leave A Message

Your printed leaflets, and other printed collaterals, define the right image for your business and service – your brand – using the right colours, style, design elements, visual tone, and content.

FRIBES collaborates with you and your team to develop a leaflet that stands out from the crowd, one that gets filed away back at the office, one that turns a prospect into a new client.

What The FRIBES Guys Need To Know

Briefly outline the service you provide.

Define your target market and your message – the purpose of the leaflet, and the most desired action on the part of those who receive a FRIBES-built leaflet.

Keep content short. Readers scan this kind of marketing and promotion, so a simple design that draws the eye delivers the message quickly.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. What image do you want to project, and to whom? Pick your pix with care to project the “right” image – the right message. At a glance.

If your leaflets are picked up, rather than hand delivered, create a compelling headline. You need to grab attention in a spilt second – a reason to stop. And READ.

Focus copy on (1) defining a problem you solve, and (2) listing client benefits. Focus on the client, not on how great your business is. People want solutions to problems. Your business provides those solutions.

Here’s how.

FRIBES expert writers produce effective, grab-you-by-the-lapels copy for your leaflet. Yes, you will get noticed. Big time.

Ensure your printed leaflets contain all contact information: company name, address, email, URL, VoIP user name – you never know how prospects will contact you so give them a host of options. Hey, let them text you. You’ll get the message.

What do you want? FRIBES Has Your Leaflet

Short, sweet, focused on the reader – leaflets are ideal for leave-behinds after sales calls, take-aways at business get-togethers, handouts with your business card, slid under doorways, handed out on the street, stacked next to the point of sale – especially if they offer a money-saving promotion – a coupon.

Here’s How FRIBES Does Leaflets

Identify your target market for the leaflet.

Are they niche or mainstream? High-end or cost-conscious? Will they relate to a leaflet design that reflects their lifestyle, tastes and interests? Are they looking for a bargain, and if so will they be enticed by simplicity and straight-to-the-point messaging?

What motivates your target audience? Cost savings? Prestige? Family care? Financial security? Personal health?

FRIBES defines the drives of buyers to construct a leaflet that gets noticed and gets results.

FRIBES: Leaflets That Demand ATTENTION

YOU want a specific reaction. What does your target audience want? That’s what matters. Make it clear, in big bold type, how you meet prospects’ drives and buying motivations.

Your business needs the right look, the right text, a punchy layout that attracts attention, contact info, customer benefits, and a strong call to action describing your most desired action, and how to perform that action. Example?

Pick Up Your Phone and Call Acme Plumbing

Right Now to Stop That Leaky Faucet Today.

Save 25% on Your First Order

Readers know how to reach you, and they have a reason why they should. You fix leaky faucets very fast. And you save them money – two incentives to call NOW!

The right images, design elements that make a statement about you at a glance, from corporate gatherings to high-energy product launches – your leaflets create a lasting impression. Prospects have you in their pocket or briefcase.

FRIBES designs leaflets that are low-cost per unit, ready when you want them (even if it’s tomorrow), effective, powerful marketing tools that integrate your online and real world marketing channels by directing leaflet readers to your website.

Call today. Now. Start spreading the word tomorrow, making an impression that lasts with printed leaflets – built with pride by FRIBES.

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