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Direct Mail & Sales letters

FRIBES Direct Mail:

Hit Your Market’s Sweet Spot Every Time

Direct mail is highly-targeted, pro-active marketing, providing the opportunity to reach out and “touch” leads, prospects and existing clients.

Successful direct mail marketing is all about specifics – sending a specific message, in a specific format, to specific recipients, at specific times.

Successful direct mail drops require:

an analysis of your company’s objectives, and the most desired action – the action you want recipients of the direct mail piece to take.

a detailed metrics analysis of previous direct mail campaigns, building on what you’ve done previously.

purchase of highly-targeted mailing lists.

a compelling design, in the proper format, with high-end production values, i.e. you look good, you get read, you convert browsers into buyers.

market channel integration, using all marketing outlets to promote the direct mail piece and vice-versa.

logistics management, from service region mail drops to post- campaign metrics analysis to continue the refinement process.

FRIBES “delivers” end-to-end direct mail planning and execution, and we save you money as we do. We can manage short runs in any format, so you only pay for what you need.

FRIBES Delivers The Right Message

What are the needs of prospects? What are existing customers looking for? How do you engage leads to leave a positive, actionable impression – with a direct mail piece you hope will be read?

It will be. FRIBES creates eye-catching designs, from a simple, two-colour postcard, to a full-bore, multi-page catalogue with product pix, and detailed product descriptions.

The messaging used in direct mail is critical. It’s what marketing professionals call “short messaging” – a format that requires every word to be spot on, delivering the right message, in a small format, in a few words, to best utilize the space limitations of the type of piece you send out.

FRIBES Fits Your Direct Mail Budget

Sure, we know business capital is tight. It always is.

That’s why FRIBES works with you to deliver a high-impact, direct mail piece at the lowest possible cost. How?

We work with off-shore printers with whom we have long-established relationships that deliver preferential pricing – even on short runs.

We’re able to negotiate better terms with our print houses – heavier paper stock, four-coloured images, a lacquered finish, more units, a lower cost-break point – so you get more for your direct mail investment. You look better for less with FRIBES.

FRIBES Formats To Meet Your Needs

Need a simple reminder post card sent to existing customers that it’s time for an energy audit?

Maybe you need a tri-fold brochure describing your extensive service offerings within a geo-specific region?

Or, maybe you need a 150-page product catalogue with 1,234 different images, and 1,234 different product descriptions?

Whatever your direct mail needs, FRIBES collaborates with your team to develop the most compelling format to deliver your most compelling message.

FRIBES works to meet your budget and messaging needs to deliver your information in a short-messaging format. And, yes, every word does count.

Short runs of 5,000 pieces, or long runs of a million pieces for worldwide distribution, FRIBES stretches marketing budgets by developing the format that gets attention from recipients.

And we do it every day.

FRIBES: List Buying Simplified

Okay, you have the right message in the right format. Now you have to mail it. But to whom?

FRIBES helps you develop the “golden” mailing list. Trying to reach new home buyers, in postal zones with median incomes above average? We work with our list brokers to hit that sweet spot.

In addition, FRIBES works with a number of list brokers to get you the best price on a properly refined mailing list, enabling you to target recipients with increased specificity.

The benefits?

You save on printing costs because you send fewer pieces through the mail to more highly-qualified leads.

You save on postage costs for the same reason.

You target by postal zone, demographics, existing clients, opt-ins on the company website, or sign-ups at the national trade show. Direct mail is highly-adaptable.

Direct marketing is completely scalable to meet your marketing needs.

You reach out to the people and companies most likely to engage your business – the most highly-qualified leads.

Per unit cost, even on small drops, makes direct mail attractive to small businesses with small marketing budgets.

Direct mail is easily integrated into your website, your brick-and-mortar office, bistro or store, print ads, press releases and other marketing opportunities to create marketing synergies. In this case, 1 + 1 = 3. You get more marketing bang for the buck.

FRIBES seeds purchased lists to track delivery, and ensure that your direct mail piece is, indeed, delivered.

Direct mail metrics provide empirical data that are analyzed to determine what works best. Then, FRIBES builds on what works.

Mailing lists and postage are two big expenses associated with direct mail. FRIBES keeps costs under control with experienced, analytical list buying to target your direct mail drop with the accuracy of a laser.

FRIBES Times Your Direct Mail Drop To Deliver Results

Home maintenance providers should mail in April and May, when homeowners start planning summer fixes around the house.

Personal financial planners should mail at tax time when prospects are thinking about their finances – and the need for better fiscal planning on the home front.

Tutoring services mail in September and November when parents and students recognize the need for some extra help.

Retailers should send out their catalogues in October and November, when thoughts turn to holiday gift giving.

FRIBES develops one-off campaigns – a single direct mail piece sent to a specific number of people, one time – and drip campaigns in which direct mail recipients receive regular promotions via the mail service.

Our marketing professionals develop a project development schedule, with clear milestones, so your direct mail piece, or pieces, go out on the exact days they should go out.

FRIBES: Direct Mail. Direct Results.

The right message in tone, style and content.

The right format to suit your objectives and your budget.

Highly-targeted mailing through experienced list buying, saving you money on printing and postage costs.

Timed delivery of your direct mail piece so it gets read by more recipients interested in what you have to say.

FRIBES provides free consultation, and even a free mock-up of your direct mail piece so you see exactly what you’ll look like when we visit the mail drop. There’s no risk. No obligation.

Direct mail is a proven marketing winner, with conversion rates that more than deliver a return on your business’ marketing investment.

Call FRIBES today and talk to a direct mail professional. We’ll get to work NOW!

Drop us an email describing what you need, and who you’re trying to reach, and we’ll develop a mock-up for your review in just days.

AT FRIBES, the focus is always on your company success, and the success of your direct mail initiatives. We know how to reach your market.

Call now and be in the mail in just weeks. That’s the FRIBES way.

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