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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity:

FRIBES Builds Brands

Think Rolls-Royce and luxury comes to mind.

Think Fiat and economy pops into your head.

Think “Golden Arches” and fast food has you headed to McDonalds for lunch.

Every successful business has a recognized symbol of the company – its logo. Picture the Rolls-Royce logo, the Fiat logo and the McDonalds logo. It took years of marketing, and thousands of impressions (consumer views) to create that response to a company’s image – its brand.

FRIBES Builds Brands: Corporate Image Matters

Building a brand requires:

Time. Your audience requires a number of impressions before your corporate identity is recognized. That takes time – anywhere from a few months to years.

Exposure. First, prospects and leads have to know you’re there.

Second, you want the right people to see your business – the ones who live in your service region, the ones ready to buy, the business owners looking for your consultation. Exposure is great. Targeted exposure is powerful.

Consistency. To build a brand, consistency is important. We all recognize the Coke logo and colour scheme. The Coke logo is everywhere because the company recognizes the value of brand building in creating brand loyalty among consumers.

And the Coke brand colours and type fonts are identical wherever they appear. Consistency counts.

Reputation management. What are consumers and clients saying about your business? Websites like Amazon, AppWorld, and other retail sites, encourage customer reviews.

One negative review undermines your image-building campaign.

Industry specific bloggers note negative buzz about your business. Foodies post reviews of your restaurant or nightclub. Reputation management is essential to long-term business success online and offline. It should be monitored regularly, and fixed immediately.

On-going marketing. Google AdWords, social media sites, affiliate marketing, links building, ad placement – building a corporate image requires regular exposure to your business’ name, logo, tag line, or all three.

In other words, building a recognizable brand requires regular promotion through computers, tablets, smart phones and print – all integrated into a unified campaign that increases brand awareness.

With on-going marketing and promotion, the right people recognize your business. In a second.

he right promotion. Sure, promote your business, but if you market car parts, you won’t get much traffic with an banner that appears on a knitting supply website.

At FRIBES, we do the digging, the research, the metrics analysis, to promote your business to your most-desirable prospects – business and people ready to engage and make a purchase.

There are lots of ways to increase website traffic. FRIBES delivers highly-qualified, motivated site visitors, or traffic from your service region, with your knowledge of your market, metrics analysis (numbers don’t lie), and the right promotion to strengthen your brand, create a stable base of buyers, and create word of mouth (WOM) – the best advertising your business receives.

Does Your Brand Need Help? Okay, FRIBES Fixes Brands

Even if your company has been around for decades, and has a strong corporate identity, FRIBES builds on what you’ve got to create more expansive brand awareness, and a stronger corporate identity.

Even the most powerful brands evolve with the times. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now KFC to eliminate “Fried” from the brand. Fried foods are unhealthy, so Kentucky Fried Chicken simply became KFC.

An effective corporate identity evolves with changes in cultural attitudes, industry best practices, laws and regulations – brands change over time – with the times, and with your company’s business objectives.

Your brand may need a make-over – especially if it was designed in 1972. Times change. Tastes change. Brands change.

In this case, the FRIBES creative minds work with your company’s existing design elements to develop the right look for your company’s evolving brand. Consumers recognize elements of the old, with a new look that says “We’re as good as ever, we just look better.”

The FRIBES List of Branding Services:

One call. One click. FRIBES handles the rest.

business cards that make a statement

letterheads and envelopes that get recognized

compliment slips

invitation slips


ink stamps

bi- and tri-fold brochures that convert

product labels that grab attention

folder cases

car wraps for old-time “mobile” marketing

smart phone/tablet app icons


QR Code and MS tag creation for mobile connectivity

logo design

logo formatting for online and offline use

logo updates


If sales are down, and your calls go unreturned, your business is suffering an identity crisis.

Call FRIBES. Drop us an email. Send us a text. The sooner you do, the sooner FRIBES builds your new brand, or adds some snap to your current corporate image.

Let’s talk. Today. We have a brand to build.

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