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Brochure Design

FRIBES Builds Brochures:

From Concept To Completion

Tracking down a copywriter, a graphic designer, going through the brochure creation process, approvals, revisions – it all takes time. YOUR time.

FRIBES delivers more time to you by providing complete brochure and print material development under one roof, with a single point of contact, so you get your brochure fast. And right.

FRIBES: We Know Brochures

We’ve designed hundreds of them – tri-folds, bi-folds, high-end or low-cost, FRIBES’ experience delivers benefits to your business. Whatever your print needs, we have the experience to meet those needs. Every time.

A creative brochure design, with eye appeal, is a great way to communicate the benefits, products and services of your company in a compact, pocket-sized package, so your business goes with your prospects. You’re in their pocket, or briefcase, on their desk or kitchen table.

Brochures build business brands with an eye-catching logo, a consistent “look,” and copy that delivers your message in a few short pages.

FRIBES employs time-tested, proven processes to develop, design and produce effective brochure designs that work. And, when we do the job end-to-end, FRIBES saves you money by bundling its services, delivering more brochure for your budget.

The FRIBES Brochure Design Process

Set Your Goals and Objectives for the Brochure. How do you want the reader to be “different” after reading your brochure? More motivated? More aware of your services? Eager to call your company? What are the behavioural objectives of the brochure?

If you don’t know, we undertake a discovery phase to learn all about your business, your market, and your short- and long-term business goals. We help define the behavioural objectives of your brochure.

Define the Most Desired Action (MDA)

Call you. Email you. Place an order. Opt-in. Download an ebook. Sign up. Complete a form.

There are many actions you may want readers to take. Defining those actions defines everything else FRIBES does. The objective of your brochure is the performance of the MDA – a higher conversion ratio of readers who convert to customers or clients.

Talk To The FRIBES Design Team: Collaboration Is Key

Our expert writers and creative team start the process based on your objectives and vision. We consult with you from Day One – every step of they way.

Make a list of your goals. What are the benefits of doing business with your company? What are your products? What makes your company's services, products, strategies, charity, consultation or other “message” unique and different from the competition?

Also, consider readers. Who will be reading this information? What styles of writing and design will grab and maintain interest? A conversational tone? A formal, corporate tone? A professional or “rad” tone? You tell FRIBES. Our copywriters do the rest.

FRIBES: Copy That Converts

You list your goals, your market, your objectives for the brochure.

FRIBES’ award-winning copywriters develop the short, high-impact messaging for your print take-away or handout. It has to be clear, easy to scan, and deliver the right message to the right people – prospects and leads for your company.

Your brochure text speaks directly to readers’ needs. The FRIBES writing team tells readers how your company meets those needs.

Graphic Design - The Mock-up

After creating the right text, approved by you and your team, the graphic guys at FRIBES get creative to design the perfect brochure to capture your corporate identity and build your company brand – in a format that travels with prospects all the way back to the office. That’s the impact of print.

Our experienced designers develop several mock-ups with different “looks” and styles. You choose the elements you like, note required changes, and your brochure is ready for the printer.

You get the right words, the right images, the right graphs and charts to convey complex information quickly.

You get a coupon or other incentive, short messaging that delivers your business’ core values and business benefits, complete contact information – all to represent your company properly, and to increase brand awareness by making a lasting impression – an imprinted impression.

One call. One company. One point of contact. Your brochure is done. It just doesn’t get simpler than that. It just doesn’t get simpler than FRIBES.

FRIBES Even “Starts The Presses”

Once you and your marketing team have approved text, layout, images – everything – FRIBES simplifies your life by providing “specs” to the printing house.

We speak their language. We help you choose the right weight paper stock. Matte finish or high-gloss. Image bleeds. FRIBES provides complete specifications for the printing of your brochure to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We also deliver more brochures for less. Because we work with the same print houses over and over, we get discounts on press set-up fees, paper stock, and other expenses that save your company money. FRIBES delivers more brochure for less.

Want to See Your Brochure FREE? Okay, FRIBES Delivers

Call FRIBES. Or drop us an email. Give us a call. Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you just how good we are with a FREE mock-up of your brochure – see it before you invest in this essential marketing tool.

Brochures present your company in an attractive, effective format – a format that prospects take with them. Use them at industry gatherings, hand them out at business meetings, place a rack of them next to the cash register.

Brochures improve conversion rates, build your company brand, encourage the most desired action and, finally, brochures leave a lasting impression.

Call FRIBES today and let us show you how to integrate brochures, and other print materials, into your marketing campaigns, creating powerful synergy between your off- and online promotion efforts.

FRIBES delivers brochures that deliver prospects to your door.

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